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"Susan’s gifts of healing extend beyond her impressive skill with the physical aspects of massage therapy. Susan also brings considerable intuition to her work. She is able to peer into the needs (and wants) of her client to aid their engagement in the process of their healing. I know this to be true because I was fortunate enough to have Susan’s help on the journey of healing my fractured shoulder. My whole body suffered trauma from the fracture event. Susan’s gentle, good-natured and generous spirit is healing in and of itself.  I am very grateful to have Susan as my massage therapist."   ~Irene, NYC

"My husband has Parkinson's Disease, and Susan's massage is a wonderful supplement to the physical therapy he is also receiving. He looks forward to every session and finds the massage extremely relaxing. As a matter of fact, it usually puts him to sleep. Susan is a kind and caring person, and we are happy to welcome her into our home."  ~Betty, NYC